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- FAQ - 

Q: What exactly are the said modifications to the original framework?


  • Emphasise on RAII; atomic objects should manage their own memory resources instead of a centralized resource manager. In time, though, this may change. 
  • Native SDL2 atomic objects should not be encapsulated (including the Vector2D component), because it is a) unecessary, b) it makes developers fall back to set() and get() methods, so you might as well just go with public everywhere and c) efficiency may degrade. Albeit the said methods are inlined, the small overhead at times may add up 
  • There is no mystery as to how the Window, Renderer and the Vector2D components are implemented, so this (again) reinforces the previous point 


Q: Are there any legal implications upon the source framework? 

A: While the author (Shaun Mitchell) and the publisher (Packt Publishing) have kindly granted permission for modifying, extending and re-using the framework on "as is" basis, you need to take into account the SDL's license (currently, zlib) as well as the fact that the non-code assets must be obtained through legal means; none of the image or sound files will ever be provided in the codeplex package, so acquiring them is up to you. Essentially, you need to distribute your source code along with the applications that are using sdl2fwk. Let others learn from your experience! 

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